New in Pantacyclopedia

  • 2 April, 2006: As it turned out, Panta­cyclo­pedia needed another, rather drastic, reno­vation in order to prepare this book for the use of 2-chapters - only being ready for basic 2-words, such as the ones in my 'Frac­Talk', might soon turn out to be too limited. Anyway, that job is done now, so now I can finally start build­ing real chapters...

  • 15 December, 2005: From now on, every Panta page will be launched by means of a 'two-stage rocket': all first drafts will under­go some rigor­ous testing in our Panta Lab, and only be promoted to full Panta­cyclo­pedia-ship as soon as I fail to find any serious bugs in them - which, of course, is a lousy gua­rantee, but I do not have any­thing better to offer.
    Anyway, do feel free to visit the Lab every now and then, if only to check out for your­self what we've got in store for you next. At your own risk, of course - for you may stumble into some really stupid im­perfect­ions there. (But nothing serious that you or your com­puter won't be able to handle! We are not in the busi­ness of cooking up some nasty viruses or any­thing like that.)

  • 14 December, 2005: Admitted­ly, it took me a bit longer than I ex­pected, but now I begin to feel that Panta­cyclo­pedia's Menu Mecha­nism - the whole of 'in­ternal' links that allow you to get from one page to the next - are working reason­ably well now. Please let me know if (and where!) you, while brow­sing, were con­fronted with Page not found messages or other un­intended mis­haps. Also, your re­marks about matters regarding style, spelling and the like are very, very welcome! Ater all, English isn't exactly my native tongue, so please do correct me, if neces­sary.

  • 20 November, 2005: For ex­peri­mental pur­poses, I have added the very first (and very short) real Panta chapter: a 'Big Bang' fairy tale en­titled .. n d p r e s e n ... (Why this succinct text is about a - rather modest - Bang is easy enough to guess, I guess.)
    By all means, do feel free to send me your harsh com­ments! For this echo­ing is exact­ly what will turn this book into the inter­active opus that I always had in mind. Your (not so) sen­si­tive/sen­si­ble criti­cism can only help me in making this fig­ment of my imagi­nation just a little less sense­less. I hope.

  • June, 2005: After an inter­ruption that was way too long, final­ly I have chosen to re­sume working at the com­plet­ion of this site.
    In the years before, I have wasted a ludi­crous amount of money, time and energy in order to defend my wife and my­self against our two rather un­pleasant land­ladies - with­out getting any­where. So I have de­cided to end this fruit­less fight, un­satis­factory as this may be.
    Any­way. My priori­ty number one is now: con­struct­ing the reli­able mecha­nism that my reader will need to 'move' from point A in Panta­cyclo­pedia to point B. In a paper book one has things called pages to get this done, but in the multi­dimen­sion­al, para-intel­li­gent whole that I am aiming at all this is not as simple as that.

  • November, 2003: Thank to a clever pro­grammer of the Web Develop­ers forum (she has asked me not to mention her name), now I have a wonder­ful, short bit of Java­Script code that I can use to real­ly start writing 2-language pages. Lots of them.
    Well, okay - let us be real­istic. Creat­ing such pages still is quite time-con­suming. And it takes a lot of patience and effort to get a 2-text to work proper­ly. But all this is nothing compared to the Sisy­phos work it was until now.
    Before, each 2-word in this book in fact was a tiny GIF ani­mation; and as Panta­cyclo­pedia has a lot of such words, that all had to be cobbled to­gether one by one, making my Panta vision come true was a rather daunting pro­spect. To say the least! For to make things worse, pages with such 'ani-words' only worked to a cer­tain extent. As having several ani­mations on a single page that all are running simul­tan­eously dem­ands quite a lot of pro­cessor power, many of the com­puters that I tried this one simply froze. Also, graphically, the end result left much to be desired - every browser showed my pages in a different way, so it seemed, if at all. So I was - and am - very happy with the present of this lady pro­grammer that I mention­ed above.