Please Note!

I'd better warn you: if you ven­ture into this Panta Lab (for that is what this is), you're on your own! For most of the pages you are about to visit still are Un­voll­endetes:

- On this Lab's working benches there is plenty of text lying around, waiting for in­clu­sion in Panta­cyclo­pedia, but often these frag­ments still need some basic editing. So every now and then, you might... or will... be con­front­ed with un­intend­ed dupli­cat­ions, out­dated state­ments and all kinds of silly errors.

- At this early stage, occasionally you may have to deal with some dead links. Too bad. Just press <Alt>-<Arrow Left> and con­tinue.

- Several Panta texts still are in statu nas­cendi in terms of style, others have not been properly de­signed yet. In many chapters, the illus­trations, headings or para­graph divisions I planned have not been added yet (or even been cre­ated). So what can I say. (Be patient?)

- Maybe even more im­portant: most text still is available only in Dutch, as English is only Panta­cyclo­pedia's second lan­guage. Also, some of the more remote sections of this huge book still haven't been HTML'ed the way they should.

- Last but cer­tail­ly not least: apart from a few 'test chapters' such as '.. n d p r e s e n t ..', everything still has to be '2-trans­lated' - that's to say, re­written in 2-lan­guage: the shock­ingly-dyna­mic language in­no­vat­ion that will be intro­duced in this book.

- So there we are. In­comple­teness galore...! Stll I have decided to open up all windows of this 'Panta Castle' and let you in.

I've chosen to do so because I feel this magnum opus can only bene­fit from being sub­jected to your well-meant criti­cisms. So do feel free to get in touch to com­ment on any aspect of this book whatsoever.

Further­more, putting my Panta­cyclo­pedia in place is the best way to verify if what I have been cobbling to­gether in my com­puter at home will really work on ther Internet.

Final­ly, this 'pre­publi­ca­tion' may come in handy one day: I may need to be able to prove one day that I really was the first one to come up with one idea or another.

That is why I also have launched The PantaTon, an ir­regular, but free, e-mail news­letter this Panta pro­ject. Click here if you want to subscribe.