First of all, I would like to say 'Thank you!' to The Java­Script Source for all free Java­Scripts its contri­butors pro­vided and that make this book 'tick'.

Other scripts that make this book work, were custom-made for me by several 'Web Devel­opers' pro­gram­mers who prefer to remain anony­mous. Of course I will res­pect this wish, with one ex­cept­ion, but only be­cause she has done me such a huge favour: 'C', the writer of the script that has en­abled me to really start using '2-lan­guage'.

Another great source of handy Java­Scripts has been a site called that's where I found the 'sliding panels' menu script that you will find on each volume's opening page.

Many of the beau­ti­ful in­ver­sions in Panta­cyclo­pedia were cre­ated especial­ly for me by my good friend and former col­league, Anneke van Steijn.

As far as this book's factual con­tent is con­cerned: I can hard­ly begin to thank every­body who has offer­ed an idea or an in­sight that some­how made its way into this Panta Dream. In Mandel­brot et al. (still unfinished, at this point) you'll find an over­view of All Major In­fluences - the giants with shoulders that I was able... you know.

Also, there have always been quite a lot of Panta (and Jan) sup­porters - people who, to a certain ex­tent of course, under­stood, or even shared, my dream. Take Henk Kegel, who really made a differ­ence several times.

But apart from these, many other people (and non-people) have had an impact. Take all those friends and rela­tives, several of which must have doubted my sanity when­ever I could not be talked into giving up this crazy vision of mine - well, none of them ever really tried to con­vince me, fortun­ately. Thanks for your patience!

In all of this, a real rock to lean on has always - well, since 1978 - been Jaane, the love of my life. She always was and still is (and, hopeshy;fully, always will be) my guiding light and inspira­tion, my soul mate and con­stant support, my source of com­fort and con­solation. Jani, I love you.

Please note: This credit sum­mary still very much is a work in pro­gress, as most of this book is. So please, do not hesishy;tate to get in touch if you feel over­looked: you may well be right! I'll be happy to correct any errors or over­sights that you may want to point out to me.

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